Sunday, October 26, 2014

Charleston, West Virginia State Capitol

This is a coal mining town and doesn't appear to have much to do for tourist. It turns out there is plenty to do for a day or two. 

The capitol was amazing on the outside from the gold dome to the inside marble and crystal. 

Nolan wanted a picture of the dodecahedron. I love how they displayed so much about their state. 

The chandaler in the rotunda is so heavy that it takes 3 hours to lower by a hand crank. 

This is in the senate.

The leaves of the native trees. 

Where the governor makes press conferences. 

This was seen on our way out. 

A huge replica of their state quarter. 

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  1. Wow! I loved seeing Charleston's dome from the highway when we'd drive by when I was young. But it looks really neat. And we never spent that much time in Richmond, but it looks like a great place to hit when Jake is older.


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