Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nolan's Underwear and Dentist Visit

Last week I sent Nolan to school in underwear and he was dry at school all week long. He's still having accidents at home and requests diapers, but we are making progress. I know his body isn't completely ready because he doesn't wake up dry, but we'll get their eventually.

Yesterday he had a dentist visit and actually let them clean all of his teeth! That was a first. The dentist also told me we need to get rid of the pacifiers so that his bottom jaw can grow out. We are to the point where pacifiers are hindering his growth. I had made a deal with myself that we would get rid of pacifiers when he stopped napping. He's still napping, but probably won't be without the pacifiers. The dental assistant, who is also our neighbor, told Nolan about the paci fairy. She needs the paci's for other babies and that when he's ready we should bring them to her and she'll give them to the fairy. As soon as we got in the car he asked me how many babies need paci's. I told him I didn't know but we should go get his paci's and bring them back to her. So we did. He was great about handing them over and wanted to call daddy to tell him about it. There were no mentions of paci's until bedtime and then again at 5:30 this morning. But he got in bed with me and slept another hour. I didn't try to get him to nap because I knew he would want his paci's back. I hope tonight goes just as smooth or smoother.

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  1. Amazing! Giving up the paci is just as hard for the Mommy as for the kid (I speak from experience).


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