Sunday, January 9, 2011

28 week doctor appointment

It went well. Baby's heart rate was 140. I'll do the glucose test on Monday to check for gestational diabetes. Hopefully this time I will pass so I won't have to do the 3 hour test. I will now see the doctor every two weeks! This pregnancy has really flown by. I'm now counting down the weeks until we get to meet this one. I'm saying there are 10 more weeks, because Isaac came at 38 weeks. So far in this pregnancy I've gained 17 pounds, which seem unreal when you look at my belly. I'd have to gain 30+ more pounds in the next 10 week to get up to the weight I was at with Isaac.
We're finally setting up the nursery and it's starting to seem real. Although it doesn't seem real that I'm pregnant. I continue to talk to Isaac about the new baby and he really enjoys playing with his old toys in the new babe's room. I'll post pictures as soon as we start decorating.

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