Monday, January 31, 2011

31 Week Doctor Appt

Everything looks good so far. The doctor was happy that I've gained a few pounds and the baby was very active for her again. The heartbeat sounded great and my belly is still measuring big. The doctor is very curious as to how big this baby is, but she's guessing that it is smaller than Isaac was at this point. We'll see in two weeks.
How am I feeling? Glad you asked. I'm feeling so much better than I did with Isaac. At this point I was on medicine to stop preterm labor and on pregnancy house arrest with Isaac. I am getting contractions, but they usually come at night or if I've been walking/on my feet for awhile. If I lay down for an hour, they go away. The doctor says this is normal, especially for a second pregnancy. Since increasing the protein in my diet I've had less dizziness, but have noticed that my hands are swollen (I hope it's not just fat fingers). My feet did swell yesterday, but I'm attributing that to the heat and salty foods at Great Wolf.
I still don't feel pregnant, just obese. I am very excited but also starting to panic about the new baby. I feel like we're just going to go pick it up from the hospital in a couple months. I'm a little panicked because I know what we went through with Isaac, my world was turned upside down and I'm hoping that doesn't happen this time. I also have no idea how Isaac will adjust to this new baby too. I have no control over this and just need to pray and let this anxiety go.

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