Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I can't believe that I'm the mama of a two year old! We had his appointment today and he's doing great as far as the doctor is concerned. We will be going to an ophthalmologist to have Isaac's left eye checked out, it has teared since he was born and the doctor said that usually by 2 they like to see that it has cleared up. Also on the development sheet that they gave me he should say 100 words. Well, I've been counting for the past week and he says around 50. The doctor wasn't concerned, but of course I am. He suggested we get a hearing test, even though he thinks his hearing is fine, and give him a few months to see where he's at. He understands hundreds of words just doesn't use that many. For example he said cake at his party, but we haven't heard it since.
Weight: 34 lbs
Height: 36 inches; Not sure about this one, since that's how tall he was 6 months ago. I know he's grown at least a couple of inches, because he can now reach the sugar on the counter and my jewelry dish in the bathroom.
Head: 49 cm
Total Percentile: 97.5%

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