Sunday, January 30, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge & 31 week belly pic

We went to Great Wolf Lodge this weekend with some friends and had a great time. David played with Isaac in the water the entire time, while I read a book. It was so nice, but I only took pictures the first 5 minutes we were there. David was better about taking videos, so I'll post those later.
We got there around 2 and actually got into our room early, so I thought we'd try to nap since Isaac didn't nap in the car. An hour later we were at the water park and went the entire day without a nap. Surprisingly there weren't any meltdowns and he slept late the next day. I loved the buffets for dinner and breakfast, no planning meals or worrying if there is something on the menu for Isaac to eat.
Isaac had soooo much fun that when we got back home and started unpacking, he decided that he'd start packing his bag to go back. Too cute!

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