Monday, January 31, 2011

Potty Training and Ice

Isaac has tried several times today to try to change his own diaper. Throughout the day when I would take it off he would attempt to put a clean one on. Then tonight after taking off his pants an hour before bedtime, which has become a nightly routine, he took off his diaper, brought it to me to show me it was wet, then took it to the trash. So I pulled out his potty and immediately he went pee on the potty. I cheered then less than 5 minutes later he peed on the carpet. So we put a diaper back on. 10 minutes later he takes it off, brings it to me to show me it's wet, then takes it to the trash. 5 minutes later I ask him if he needs to sit on the potty and he runs to it and goes poop! First time ever going poop on the potty. I cheer, empty it, clean it, set it down and he goes pee again. We repeat the peeing on the potty every 5 minutes, without prompting, until bedtime.
Since we have an ice storm right now and probably won't be leaving the house for a few days, I guess we'll be potty training. I really wanted to wait until he could say potty but I guess he has other plans.

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