Saturday, February 25, 2012

11 months!

So close to 1 year, but it doesn't seem that way since he's not mobile yet. He looks so proud of him self when you pull him up to a standing position, but he's not attempting to stand yet either. I do believe his first word is goggy (doggy). Sometimes he has a lot to say and says it loud, which lead to Isaac saying, "No baby!" Isaac calls Nolan baby since n's are hard for him. You can tell that Nolan envies his brother and wants to be a part of what ever he is playing with. He's been better with his eating. Today was the first day he's thrown up in a few weeks, as far as I can remember. And the only reason he threw up today was because he has a cold and couldn't stop coughing. I love that he is still a snuggly baby and hope that doesn't change.

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