Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update 2/11/12

I've have a lot of people ask how I'm doing today, via phone, email, and facebook. I don't think I answered any of them because as soon I as got home at 3pm I went to sleep. Funny thing is I woke up at 7pm and thought to myself ahhhh Isaac's going go wake up soon. That's how well David's been taking care of the kids, I rarely hear them.
Well, I was supposed to have another follow-up with the plastic surgeon today. The first follow-up was to just pull out the drains. Well about 2 hours before my appointment they canceled it and closed his clinic for the rest of the day and possibly next week, his mom isn't doing so well. Emotionally I was on a high because I was having lunch child free with mu hubby and had all the questions that I thought I was going to get answered. So needless to say emotionally I plummeted , not only to someone that might be loosing their mom but also that the day wasn't meeting my expectations.
Thankfully David and I then had sometime to stop at an antique store where we found some fabulous finds. Since I'm at home most of the time now I've decided to redecorate and am super excited that David's on board with me. Day was also better because my bestie was watching my children and they had a fabulous time together. I love the story of them pretending to take nap time together not realizing we have a video monitor. I was told they would play and look out his window, but when Shannon came to check on them they would just in bed and pretend to be asleep. I'll also have to post the pictures of Nolan and Hayden together.
Now back to my update, I haven't taken pain pills during the but have been at night to hopefully help me sleep, which they eventually do at about 4am. Well, I've also been trying to do more of my physical therapy so I'm in incredible pain. Yesterday I took my pain pills all day which probably helped me get some good sleep. As David put I need to continuously take them so I'm not crashing and then trying to make up for, I just don't like not knowing the day or what's going on but I guess that's how it's going to have to be for awhile. My follow up is now scheduled for Monday the 20th.


  1. Praying for you. Glad you were able to get out with your hubby!

  2. I figured you were doing ok when you said We, that you weren't alone entirely. I'm so glad that the boys were having such a great time. I'm still praying for you, hope you get this medication thing worked out, and pray you're feeling better soon.


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