Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Week 5 Recovery

Not much to report, I have to take a nap after being up for a few hours. This works well with Nolan's schedule, but not so much with Isaac's. Everyone is sick in our house so I've had both boys home yesterday and today. When I put Nolan down for his mid morning nap, I lay on the couch and try to rest. Isaac thinks this is the perfect time to get in my face for some "Hi Mommy," and to pile trucks on top of me.
I have pains but I suspect they are normal. Nothing looks different so I'm guessing it's just things adjusting. Doctor said it would be a minimum of 6 weeks recovery and I see him next week. I can't wait to hear what he thinks and answer my question about that stitch.
I'm giving a speech tomorrow about my journey with BRAC1 and am praying that God helps me out. Hopefully I will wake up and miraculously not have a cold anymore.

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  1. Praying your speech goes well, and that your words bring hope to others.


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