Saturday, February 25, 2012

First and hopefully last bout of pink eye

Sorry if we infected anybody today, we have a coupon for the eye drops if you need it. Yesterday afternoon I noticed that Isaac's eye, the one he had surgery on, had a little discharge. Not unusual for having a cold, which toddlers seem to constantly have along with a runny nose during the winter. Then this afternoon both eyes were red and had a discharge, so off to urgent care we went. As soon as the doctor looked at him he said it was pink eye. Thank goodness we had left over drops from his surgery, because I hate going to CVS. Even if they say it's ready I always have to wait. I would like to go somewhere else but our insurance now makes us go there.
While at the doctor Isaac wanted me to show the nurse my boo boos, which I didn't. Then he told her that I have no more milk for the baby. She of course laughed. Thank goodness she didn't notice that he pointed to my thigh and said baby. Not sure how I'm going to convince him that I don't have a baby in my thigh, I guess I'll have to take up running again. Sigh.
Then when we got in the car I told him we were going home, he told me no that he wanted to go to Margo's house. I then told him that Margo, his speech therapist, was in bed. He then told me he wanted to get in her bed. I told him we can't get in other peoples bed. Thankfully the conversation stopped there.
Hope this give you some nightly enterainment tonight Tiff, while feeding AJ. PS- I want more pictures.

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