Friday, February 24, 2012

Shoowee 4.5 weeks in to recovery

I'm tired, but not as tired as a new mama. I'm trying not to drink caffeine so that when my body is tired, I rest. I'm also to a point where I'm not asking for help when I need it. I feel like a new mom that needs to just work through the tiredness. It was easy to ask for help when I was on drugs because I was so loopy, but now I'm felling normalish.
While wearing the bra I just feel bruised, when I didn't wear it last night and got up to get Isaac ready for the bus; I had to put on the bra because it was intense pain. Not sure how long I'll be wearing this compression bra, but at least it's not rubbing my skin away and did I mention it has aloe in it. So maybe it will be like a spa treatment for my skin.
Just a conversation David and I had the other night about the scars where my drains were. I bet they feel like what it's like to have a bullet wound or maybe when they do a chest tube, like on Grey's Anatomy. (That's basically where we get all of our medical information from.)
Another conversation with Isaac tonight. He saw my c-section scar and asked about it. I told him that's where the baby came from then he points to my thigh and says baby. I then explained to him that they are fat and mommy does not have another baby inside. Yeah, has nothing to do with my recovery except that I am definitely not losing weight, actually gained weight after the surgery even though the drugs made it so that I could only eat a meal a day.

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