Thursday, February 23, 2012

So far this week

Tuesday was my first time driving in close to a month and it felt so freeing! Almost as nice as riding a motorcycle. I took Isaac to speech and then to get a haircut, then I napped at it was about noon.
Wednesday I decided to try to take the day on by myself and it went well. I had just Nolan until noon then some help arrived at 3pm. It went pretty well of course I fell asleep on the couch at 6 and went up to bed at 8. I was also surprised that my muscles aren't sore from holding Nolan.
Thursday/today Isaac wakes at 5:30am and decides that only mommy can talk to him. I go in a couple of times to tell him it's not time to wake up because it's dark and everyone is sleeping, but by 6:45 I'm still hearing 'mommy' on the monitor so I send David. Apparently he didn't want daddy because he closed the door on daddy and just sat in his room saying mommy over and over and over. Then upon coming down stairs he's devastated that I switched the couches back yelling that the current one is cold. Which I had wrong in my last post, David said he doesn't like the fake leather couch because it's cold. But that's all the more reason he should sit with me. I'm now off to bed.
Hopefully tomorrow I can accomplish something around the house like laundry instead of just surviving.

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