Sunday, February 19, 2012

Busy Day

I went out shopping with a friend today in hopes of incorporating the yellow and green couch more into the room. So here's what we did. We moved this beautiful quilted piece from above our mantle to above our bed, which was my mom's intention when she made it because of the colors. I wanted to move the cafe rods that I have upstairs with the children's names on them down to the kitchen area to display artwork but came across these birds on a wire at Target. I still have 5 random birds to stick to the wall.

Next up we got a wire tree that has hints of yellow in it to go about the mantle and I have hopes of surrounding it with pictures.
I should have gotten a better picture with the rug in it with these awesome pillows. We got quite a few pillows to try out, so some will be going back since we aren't pillow people.
I also hung up my anniversary present to David, which reads "Huang est. 2007."
Lastly we hung up this yellow mirror that seems to have been in my family awhile. I'm glad I'm actually getting to throw some more color into our home.
But I'm not sure about this one. At first I thought it might go well with the rug in the living room, but this chair is ORANGE and clashes with everything. David wants to keep it though and it is quite comfy for $15. I did not nap today, haven't taken meds for a few days, and am wide awake right now. While in contrast my son asked to go to bed 2 hours early and my husband wanted to follow suit. I'm not sure if they are sick or just wore them selves out while I was shopping.

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