Saturday, February 4, 2012

Whatever day it is after mastectomy

Today was a good day. I has some much needed social time with my book club last night and today I took quite a bit of large baby toys to a resale shop. Yes I did end up spending half of the money they were giving us, but I feel like I got something accomplished. The pain is much the same, it's there all the time but not overwhelming. I guess I'm just really tired am have a hard time acknowledging that. I was up for 10am to 2pm then took a nap from 2pm to 8pm and was dead to the world. I should probably resting more but I want to be involved with life, husband, and children.

I am still so thankful for the comments and facebook friends that keep encouraging me or checking up because this is going to be a long recover and I know from my miscarriage years ago how much it hurts when people stop asking how things are going after the first couple of weeks.

By the way the ring was silver and emerald, my birthstone. I'm now shopping for some take my breath away Opal earrings.

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