Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Test from God

It's quite possible. Here it is 5am and I've been trying to go to sleep for hours, but can't because of my worries.
First my breast surgeon was very pregnant while operating on me and the next day she said she was pretty sure that baby was coming yesterday. Didn't think much of it at the time but now I'm wondering if you did her job as well as she could have.
Next up my plastic surgeon sent his fellow in to talk to me before surgery and he was great at answering my many questions and making me feel comfortable. But afterwards neither the surgeon, fellow, or a nurse came to speak to my mom about the plastics part. The breast surgeon did come to talk to my mom afterwards, I guess I just expected them to update my mom from every angle like the do on Grey's Anatomy. I did have a follow up with the plastic surgeon a week after surgery to take the drains out, which one of his nurses did. I was supposed to have another follow up with him on Friday, February 10, but that got canceled due to a family emergency, which I completely understand. But then I get another phone call that my appointment on Monday, February 20 is also canceled. They were closed when I finally got the message, so I have yet to reschedule. I have not seen my plastic surgeon since the fall when I had my initial appointment with him. I have a ton of questions and am now starting to worry that I may not be healing right, or the stitch under my arm has been in too long, etc. And right now I am lifting all these worries to God. He has a plan and this may be a best. So I'm going to put this computer down and pick up my Cronological Bible and maybe get ahead and some peace.


  1. Oh Amy, I am sorry this part seems so difficult. Does your PS have another partner in the office? Or at least a nurse practioner? I really think it is not unreasonable for you to be able to be seen in person, regardless of the PS personal life at this point. Also, if you aren't getting the service you need, there are lots of great PS in town. You might not be ready for that and want to see this through with your Dr. at least for now and that is totally reasonable. I learned several years ago when I was going BC treatments that each person has to be their own patient advocate. The Dr.s are often wonderful, but they operate in silos, they rarely take the time to see the whole person and all of the issues at hand, they have their little part and that is what they do. I don't want to entice any unneeded drama but your request to be seen post operatively is completely reasonable and that office should be accomodating, either with your Dr. or a referring Dr. I so hope this works out this week and next for you. I know how hard everything is when you are still struggling to recover. Please email or call if you want to talk. 571-9843

  2. I second all that Pink says. Go park yourself on their doorstep. It may indeed be God teaching you Patience. But it can also be a gentle reminder of to take some action again. You're planning on doing Big Speaking here in the near future, this just may be a Warmup. And You Can do it! Did they forget who they are messing with? You're the bravest strongest woman I know, you can go give them a little what for.


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