Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 10 or 11 after Mastectomy

Yup, I've completely lost track of time. I'm usually up until 3am so that I can take my last does of medicine and them I'm up around 10am when it's time to feed Nolan. Today was a much better day, David went to work and Mom took care of Nolan for most of the day while Isaac was at preschool. Mom would come get me when it was time to feed Nolan which just really lifted my spirits today. I attempted to rest today but wanted to be around the kids so I think I got a nap in somewhere.
The new pain pills don't take the pain completely away like the others did but I'm more of myself. The pain is mainly under my arms right now so it's hard to get comfortable because your arms can't be next to you and they can't be too propped up either, but it is definitely managable.
Since I'm not having these late night sessions with the computer I've taken up jewelry shopping or as some may call it retail therapy. Today I got this wonderful ring in the mail. If I keep you this habit I may amke Valentine's Day and our anniversary very easy for him. By the way the ring is silver and was only $32.

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  1. Ooo...Pretty! I love that you are up to shopping online, goodness knows it'll be a while before a trip to the mall. My doc told me many moons ago, "No heavy labor like mowing the lawn, or shopping." Didn't believe him until I tried shopping too soon.
    Is your new bauble silver and emerald or unradiated aquamarine?


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