Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today 2/7/12

I currently have no problems with how I look. I do have problems with how I feel. On my right side, the one that I call mutilated, I can feel the implant when I walk, which is really weird. I'm also weaker on my right side. I have not taken pain pills for two days, but am still in no condition to drive. I'm currently taking Valium for the muscle spams, the drugs are starting to remind me of when I was pregnant. If I had a full bladder and would cough, I'd wet myself. Which seems to be happening now because of these muscle relaxers. And of course the day I finish the antibiotics the kiddos gave me a runny nose and cough. Go ahead, it's ok to laugh.
Even though I'm not on the pain medication I still have no balance and am uber surprised that my legs and thighs aren't covered in bruises. Although if I am out some place it is guaranteed that I will knock something over.
David went back to work full time this past Monday and my mom will be leaving Thursday. So I will be sending out an email to those of you that want to come vacuum my house, do my laundry, and go grocery shopping for me.
I have another follow up appointment with the plastic surgeon Friday, so hopefully I be feeling brave enough to post before and after pictures.

This is the wonderful bra that I have to wear constantly that has know worn away the skin under my arms around the shoulder part.
You may also note that I do most of my blogging at 3am now. For some reason I can't sleep from midnight to 4am. I may do with me being a side sleeper and I'm now having to sleep on my back. But this weird sleeping schedule is also making me pass our at 2pm. Hopefully Isaac and Nolan's nap schedules will sync up.
I also want to thank all of you that have been praying and bringing meals. I feel God's presence through all of you.

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  1. Oh hon, my heart hurt when you said 'mutilated'. It looks better to me, like it's settling, maybe? I'm sorry that hideous bra is giving you more pain. I'd be screaming, I did all this to be bra free! Keep healing, and we'll keep praying!


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